why does my air compressor kick on and off – 3 Important Things

Some of us may be new to air compressors and don’t know ” Why does my air compressor kick on and off “And some are familiar with and have been working with air compressors for a long time. So many of us know many things, and others don’t know. It’s nothing to worry about. Let’s know about “why does my air compressor Kick on and off. “

why does my air compressor kick on and off

Why the air compressor kick on and off?

Your air compressor has a safety feature that turns the air compressor on and off. Your air compressor has at least two switches, one is the thermal overload switch, and the other is the air compressor pressure switch. The function of the thermal overload switch is if your air compressor gets overheated then this switch automatically shuts off the air compressor motor. This causes your air compressor to shut down.
On the other hand, when your air compressor pressure drops, the pressure switch closes, and the motor turns on. And when the air compressor reaches the specified pressure, this switch turns on again, and the motor stops. If you are not using your air compressor and your air compressor keeps cycling, that means you have leak on the air compressor line.

What should you do if the air compressor kicks on and off?

If you see that there is no leakage in the supply line of the air compressor, then you do not need to do anything. And if there is leakage, then it must be found and fixed. So now, how to find out whether there is leakage? For this you need to disconnect all the hoses first. Using a pump spray bottle, mix soap and water and spray the entire pipe that is connected to the air compressor pressure gauge. And then, turn on the air valve and drain valve and check the leakage and fix it.

Always check the air compressor

It is important to check the air compressor regularly to avoid air compressor problems. And always turn of the air compressor properly with proper unplugging.

Final thoughts

Now that you know “why does my air compressor kick on and off”, there is no need to panic. This is a safety feature of the air compressor. And we have also given the solution about what to do when there is leakage in the supply line. So hopefully, from now “why does my air compressor kick on and off “isn’t a big problem for you.

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