why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses – 6 Important Facts

Every day we use air compressors for various tasks and many times we face various problems with air compressors. “why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses” is one of them. Getting stuck in problems while working is painful and annoying at the same time. So we need to know why we have to face this problem. Air compressor fuse can be damaged due to various reasons. The reasons are:

why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses

Air compressor motor problem

The air compressor motor can also be a major cause of this problem. When the air compressor is very old and overused, the air compressor does not give good results and this problem can occur as a result. Again, this problem can be caused by a technical problem inside the air compressor or a loose war connection. So if you want to be sure that your air compressor motor is the main problem, you must check the air compressor motor to see if there is any problem. If you see any problems, you need to fix them quickly.

air compressor motor

Air compressor pressure switch problem

Usually, this problem doesn’t happen much with the pressure switches but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all. The pressure switch of the air compressor is often shorted which can also blow the fuse of your air compressor. There is no way to tell if the pressure switch is the main problem without opening the cover of the air compressor and doing a good check. For this, first, disconnect the air compressor from the power source and drain it well. And you have to check whether there are any sparks, if there are, then the fuse is blown because this.

If you can’t do it yourself, definitely get an expert to do it. And in that case, it would be better to change the pressure switch. And never bypass the pressure switch.

why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses

Extension cord

The extension cord is often needed by us and it makes work easier. But this extension cord can also become one of the main causes of blown fuses. A lot of people uses extension cord with an air compressor but it is not ideal to use. Connecting the air compressor to the power socket is the best and most convenient. An Air compressor can take a sufficient amount of power if it is connected to the power socket but with the extension cord, it is not possible sometimes. Due to this problem has to be faced. So if possible, always connect the air compressor to the power socket.

Air compressor Unloader valve problem

Another big reason is the unloader valve. Sometimes the unloader valve is unable to work properly due to which a small amount of air is trapped in the cylinder and this problem occurs. So if you see that the fuse of the air compressor is blown, then you must check the unloader valve. If there is a problem, definitely change the unloader valve.

Air compressor Capacitor Problem

You may also face this problem because of the capacitor of the air compressor. The capacitor of the air compressor helps the current to flow properly and controls the excess or less current. As a result, if the capacitor of your air compressor is damaged, then your fuse will be blown. So definitely check the capacitor and if it is damaged then definitely install a new capacitor. Do not try to bypass the capacitor.

why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses

Problem with the breaker

Due to a faulty breaker, this happens many times when the air compressor draws more amps. As a result, such problems can occur. For this, the breaker must be checked properly. If you’re new to air compressors, it’s best not to check it out. Get it checked by an expert.

Tips to avoid air compressor problems

Check every accessory of the air compressor sometimes. Always try to use your air compressor properly. And do not keep water around the air compressor or make sure there is no possibility of water falling in the air compressor. And try not to use an extension cord. And if you have to use one, then definitely use a perfect-quality extension cord. And always check if the air compressor develop any leak. And use your air compressor according to the guidance before the question ” why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses” comes.

Final words- why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses

You already know why the air compressor fuse is blown. So, of course, use the air compressor following all the things that we have highlighted. Why should you spend extra money on something that you can use with a little care? Always use it well. And hopefully, you won’t have to face this problem. We hope from now on you won’t have the question ” why does my air compressor keep blowing fuses? “

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