why do some air compressors have 2 gauges – 4 important Facts

Before knowing why do some air compressors have 2 gauges ,you need to know what an air compressor pressure gauge is and how it works. In order to have a successful air compressor, you will need some essential tools. One of these is an air gauge. An air gauge measures the amount of pressure within your air compressor in PSI. A PSI stands for pounds per square inch.

why do some air compressors have 2 gauges

Air compressor Pressure gauges

As a result of an air compressor, we can easily use compressed air for any of our work. But one hurdle we have to face is the proper. And to measure the right pressure, air compressor gauge is used. To set the right pressures for different tasks, air compressor gauge is very important. There are generally two types of air compressor gauge.

  • Tank Gauge
  • Regulator Gauge
why do some air compressors have 2 gauges

Tank Gauge

If you are using a compressor tank, you should keep an eye on the air pressure in your tank. It is important to make sure that the air pressure in the tank is increasing over time. You can use a tank gauge to monitor this pressure. These are often attached to the compressor tank. You can see the air pressure level using this gauge. This will help you to make sure that your tank is full, and you can adjust the compressor pump accordingly. The tank gauge helps you to figure it out to know if the air compressor tank have the right air pressure.

You can use a tank gauge in several ways. Firstly, you can use this gauge to check whether your compressor is operating properly. It may be that the tank gauge is displaying incorrect pressure. If it happens, make sure that you replace the tank gauge. It is usually rare but it is still good to know.          

Regulator Gauge

The air compressor regulator gauges are used to display the air pressure setting of the air compressor and the air regulator. The air compressor should be connected to the regulator .We use a standard air compressor regulator gauge for checking the air pressure that the air compressor is sending out. It’s called the air compressor regulator gauge.

There are two basic types of air compressor regulator gauges, analog and digital. An analog gauge has an actual dial to measure the pressure, but the dial is not accurate. The digital gauge has an LCD display which is very accurate. Both types of gauges can be attached to the air compressor and the regulator. The gauge is attached directly to the air compressor. If there is a problem with the air compressor, it is easy to check the gauge. If the pressure is too low, you can check the air compressor and the gauges until the pressure reaches the set point.


How air compressor pressure Gauge works?

A pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure .Pressure gauges come in various shapes and sizes. Many types of pressure gauges can measure the pressure in either a vacuum or a gas. Some pressure gauges can only measure pressure over a very small area. The gauge has a hole through the middle of one of the leaves that contains the gas being measured. This hole is usually covered with a diaphragm. When the pressure changes, the diaphragm flexes in and out.

Is it important for air compressors to have 2 gauges?

why do some air compressors have 2 gauges

Yes ,of course. Air compressor needs two pressure gauges. We have already discussed why do some air compressors have 2 gauges and the two types of pressure gauges which are tank gauge and regulator gauge. You already know what these two pressure gauge do and how these pressure gauges work. Suppose you have only tank gauge on your air compressor with which you can only see the air pressure in the tank. But how do you measure the air pressure which sent out by the air compressor? For this you must have two gauges on your air compressor.

Air compressor Pressure gauge maintenance

Accurate air pressure measurement requires your pressure gauge to be in good working order. For this you must maintain your pressure gauge properly. Sometimes air compressor pressure gauges fail prematurely due to vibration and impact from the environment. Some gauges have a shorter life span than others, which is usually a result of poor design. For instance, when gauges are exposed to high heat, they can malfunction, which makes them difficult to calibrate and maintain. So the pressure gauge needs to be checked regularly and obviously be careful with the gauges while using your air compressor. As you know why do some air compressors have 2 gauges, you must maintain the pressure gauge.

Conclusion –  why do some air compressors have 2 gauges

In conclusion, air compressors have two gauges to help users better understand the compressor’s air pressure. This can be helpful in determining if the compressor is working properly and also to ensure that you are getting the right amount of compression for your application. I hope from now “why do some air compressors have 2 gauges” isn’t a big question for you.

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