Which motor is used in air compressor?- 3 Important Facts

Which motor is used in air compressor?

We use air compressor in various ways in our daily life. And so many us have many questions about air compressor. The most common question about the air compressor is “  Which motor is used in air compressor? ”.

There are different types of air compressor in the market. Which are manufactured in various way as per requirement. And so each air compressor can be different and the motor of those air compressor are also different. There are three types of air compressor’s motor which are generally used in air compressor.

  1. SIM ( standard induction motor )
  2. HPM ( hybrid permanent magnet )
  3. IDM ( invertor duty motor )

Standard induction motor

Which motor is used in air compressor?

When the question come “Which motor is used in air compressor?” Induction motor come first. Standard induction motors are mostly used in air compressor. Induction motor are made with more copper ,aluminum and steel . And induction motor have long life and acceleration can be easily controlled by using induction motor.

Hybrid permanent magnet

Hybrid permanent motor

The hybrid permanent magnet motor is also important in the air compressor market. This type (HPM) of air compressor are generally used for accurate variable flow .

Inverter duty motor

Inverter duty motor

The invertor duty motor are used in variable speed air compressor . And the variable air compressor is a compressor which is dependable on speed drive technology. So the invertor duty motor plays an important role for VFD compressors.

Air Compressor Maintenance

As you know the answer ” Which motor is used in air compressor? ” you must maintain the air compressor. Air compressors are used to reduce the air pressure. But when it is not maintained properly, the air compressor motor can be damaged. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to air compressors.

  • The first is that the compressor should be regularly checked for proper functioning
  • Oil the compressor regularly so that motor and other parts work properly.
  • Make sure all of the filters are replaced every six months
  • And finally, be sure to keep an eye on your Compressor’s temperature!
  • If you want to put bigger motor, check the manuals and contact to the company.

Conclusion- Which motor is used in air compressor?

In conclusion, the motor that is used in an air compressor is dependent on the type of compressor. And keep one thing in head if you need to buy a new motor for your air compressor ,it is important to choose the correct motor for your air compressor. From now on we hope you won’t have the question ” Which motor is used in air compressor? ” again.

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