Which gas is used in air compressor? -4 Interesting Facts

Which gas is used in air compressor? We constantly use air compressor in various ways. Compressor are now used in many ways in our daily life such as for inflating tires or for cleaning. Again, compressor are used in ACs, refrigerators and other places. But many of us don’t know which gas is used in air compressor. Before knowing Which gas is used in air compressor or what gas is used, you need to know how many types of gas compressor are there.

Which gas is used in air compressor?

Types of Gas Compressor

Gas compressor comes in two categories

  • Positive Displacement Compressors
  • Dynamic Compressors

Positive Displacement Compressors

Positive displacement compressors are used to create a vacuum inside the chamber. Once the pressure is lowered, the gas flows into the chamber and is compressed.

Dynamic Compressors

Dynamic compressors are used for the production of compressed air . The main features of a dynamic compressor are its ability to continuously rotate an impeller at high speed. One of the most common types of dynamic compressor is called a centrifugal compressor.

Which gas is used in air compressor?

The air compressor that we all use generally that we have already discussed above uses only air not any other gas. But refrigerator Compressor and AC’s compressors use CFC and HCFC gases. Many times people try to use CO2 for compressor but it doesn’t give very good result.

Conclusion- Which gas is used in air compressor?

You already know what gas is used in your air compressor and also what gas is used in refrigerator compressor and in AC compressor. I hope this article will help you to know some important facts about air compressor.

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