Unplug Air Compressor -4 Important Facts

unplug air compressor

Unplug air compressor properly is important. Are the tools you care about and the tools you don’t care about is now at the same condition? Of course not. When you take care of something, it will definitely be at a good condition. This is exactly the matter, if you want your air compressor to be at a good condition and long lasting, then you must use the air compressor carefully by following some important tips which is good and will give your air compressor a long life. So always try to use the air compressor properly.

What will happen if you don’t unplug air compressor properly ?

The point is not that if you unplug the air compressor immediately from the power source after using it, it will be damaged immediately, or it’s efficiency will decrease. Just like a building is made up of bricks one by one. The efficiency of your air compressor will gradually decrease. You may face complications with your air compressor. So the air compressor should never be unplugged from the power source directly. You need to turn off the air compressor properly.

How to properly unplug air compressor?

Air compressor should never be unplugged directly from the power source. This will cause problem for the entire unit and so for the long life of your air compressor it should never be unplugged directly from the power source. Firstly you need to turn off the switch of your air compressor. And if you don’t need to use the air compressor any more in the day, then you can unplug the air compressor now. Then slowly loosen the screw of the regulator clockwise until the pressure gauge of air compressor reads zero. You will hear a sound like “ Hisssss” while doing this .You don’t need to worry about this .It is normal. Always try to shut down the air compressor properly.

Properly shut down for air compressor

Conclusion- unplug air compressor

In conclusion, You already know what happens when you unplug air compressor directly and how to properly unplug an air compressor. So hopefully you won’t have to worry about “ unplug air compressor “ this again from now on. And yes, always use the air compressor properly.

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