Laser cutter air compressor -5 Best solution

Laser cutting principles

Laser cutting is a process where a laser beam cuts through materials. There are many different types of lasers and they can cut through different materials.

There are three main principles that govern how lasers cut through materials: the coherence principle, the interference principle, and the polarization principle.

The coherence principle states that a laser beam is always stable and maintains its shape. The interference principle states that when two laser beams intersect, they create waves of energy that destroy each other. The polarization principle says that light waves have a property called electric or magnetic polarity.

Main methods for laser cutting

There are many ways to laser cut materials, but three of the most popular methods are engraving, subtractive milling, and 3D printing. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right method for the specific project.

Engraving is typically the quickest method, but it can also be the least accurate. It works by cutting a series of concentric circles around the object you want to cut out. The depth of each circle is controlled by the power of your laser and the speed at which you move it around the object. As a result, inaccuracies can be quite noticeable.

Subtractive milling is a more precise method than engraving, but it can take longer to complete a project. It works by removal of material using small shaving-like blades that rotate around a central axis.

The best laser cutter air compressor

A laser cutter is a powerful tool that can be used to create intricate designs and patterns. However, in order to use it effectively, you need an air compressor. Without an air compressor, you won’t be able to produce the proper levels of pressure necessary for the laser to cut through your material. To find the best laser cutter air compressor for laser cutting process like metallic materials, thicker materials, we researched several models and found the best one for different types of users.

Oil-Free 2010A Ultra Quiet California Air Tools

laser cutter air compressor

The California AIR TOOLS 2010A Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air compressor is one of the highest-performance air compressors in the industry, with sound levels of 60 dB or low levels of sound. The 1.0-horsepower motor runs at only 1680 RPM, resulting in less friction between parts and lowered noise over time. The oil-free dual piston pump system was created with high performance and durability in mind.


  • Ultra Quiet air compressor only 60 Decibels
  • Oil free air compressor best for less maintenance
  • Very much powerful and powerful motor
  • Air compressor Aluminum air Tank


  • Not portable

California Air Tools 10020CHAD 

air compressor for laser cutting machine

The California AIR TOOLS 10020CHAD Ultra Quiet ( Oil-Free ) Air Compressor is designed to be one of the quietest 2.0 HP air compressors on the market, with noise level of 70 decibels. The Powerful 2.0 HP motor operates at only 1680 RPM, producing less noise and durable wear.

The SP Series of Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Motors are designed to increase the duty cycle and allow for longer continuous run times. It has high performance and durability because of The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System. The CAT-10020CHAD Air Compressor has an Oil-Free Dual Piston pump designed to have a life cycle before wear of 3000 Plus hours compared to other comparable compressors.


  • only 70 decibels very much ultra quiet air compressor
  • Oil free air compressor which is best
  • Very powerful 2 hp motor air compressor
  • 10 gal


  • Auto drain features is a little bit loud

NorthStar Single-Stage Portable Electric Air Compressor

This NorthStar heavy-duty compressor is constructed from a durable cast iron V-twin pump with cast iron heads for excellent heat dissipation and no transfer of heat between cylinders. The belt-driven oil-lubricated pump runs smoothly and provides long life. Built tough for industrial use.


  • 135 is max PSI
  • Easier starts
  • Very much quieter
  • Two wheels for easy portability


  • A little heavy

California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free Air Compressor

The California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Air Compressor was designed to be as quiet as possible at only 70 decibels when operating at 2 HP. It uses a strong 2 hp (SP-9421) motor that keeps the system from operating excessively, which keeps it quieter and quieter over its life.

A new series of ultra quiet air compressor motors that can generate greater amounts of power have been developed to extend the duty cycle and even allow for longer continuous run times.


  • Ultra quiet
  • Very powerful
  • Oil Free air compressor for less maintenance and cost
  • Easier start
  • Very easy to move the air compressor


  • Wheels are weak

Metabo HPT Air Compressor, 4-Gallon, 

The longevity and reliability that Metabo HPT demonstrates make durability the most vital component in Metabo HPT Power Tools. Metabo HPT showcases its Top quality every day, with 20-year-old products coming back for service. The technology Metabo HPT embraces and supplies with precision is apparent from the pc hardware it has developed and is committed to delivering.


  • Lightweight
  • Air pressure gauges which is industrial
  • Tank draning system is easy


  • A little noisy but not that much

If you’re just starting out with laser cutting, we recommend opting for a small compressor for laser cutter that can reach low levels of pressure. If you’re already familiar with using a laser cutter and want to increase your productivity, then we recommend investing in a larger compressor that can handle higher levels of pressure. Regardless of your experience level, we believe that any of the compressors on our list are worth considering if you’re looking for the best laser cutter air compressor.

How a laser cutter’s air compressor works?

When a laser cutter needs air for laser cutting, the machine’s compressor kicks in. The compressor uses an electric motor to turn a fan and create a flow of air. This flow of air helps to increase the speed at which the laser cut material moves through the machine. Laser cutting process is not that difficult.

What are the pros and cons of using an air compressor to power a laser cutter?

Air compressors can be used to power laser cutters, as they provide a consistent and high-powered air flow. However, because the compressor is constantly running, it can be noisy and take up a lot of space. Additionally, it can be difficult to regulate the air pressure, which could cause damage to the cutter or tooling. Finally, an air compressor requires regular maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly, which could add to the cost of ownership.

Maintenance for air assist 

If you own an air compressor for laser machines , it’s important to keep it in good condition. Regular maintenance can help your compressor run efficiently and protect it from potential damage. Here are some tips for keeping your air compressor running smoothly:

-Check the oil level regularly and add oil if necessary. Over time, the oil will wear down and could cause problems with the compressor.

-Clean the exterior of the machine with a hose or brush when necessary. Dirt and debris can build up over time, leading to poor performance and possible damage.

-Make sure all filters are replaced according to manufacturer instructions. Filters collect dust and other particles that can eventually clog up the system and cause problems.

-Replace belts as needed, even if they appear to be in good condition. Belts stretch over time, causing them to break or slip.

know Before laser cutting

Whatever you buy for whatever reason, it will not last long if don’t care it. So, you need to feel the things you buy. This will make everything easier . you will love the thing and take care of it. And that is very important . if you love everything and take care of it , that thing will remain with you for a long time and it will certainly be good.

Laser cutting video

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