if the air compressor develops a leak -5 Best Solutions

A lot of people don’t know what to do if the air compressor develops a leak. If you own an air compressor, you are going to want to make sure that it works properly. Air compressors leak air in a number of ways, so be prepared for some surprises. There are a lot of reasons why your air compressor might be leaking air, and if you notice that it is leaking, you’ll need to take steps to fix the problem. There are many common reasons for air compressors to leak. In this article, we are going to know the reasons for leaks and and what to do if the air compressor develops a leak.

if the air compressor develops a leak

Common Reasons for Air Compressor Leaks

Leaky Tank

There is water in the compressed air tank of air compressors. If you do not drain it, this water will corrode the air tank. When this happens, the air and water both will leak from the air compressor. You should always check your compressor’s air tank for leaks. Because there will be pinholes in the air compressor due to the reasons.

These holes can allow both water and air to escape. If this happens, your air compressor will lose air pressure. So it is very important to fix those leaks or your air compressor will be damaged.


If the pinholes are big or the air compressor is rusted very badly, then you should not weld the tank or patch it. This can increase the chances of the tank exploding. And if the pinholes are very small you can weld the tank and you must let the tank cool down before you turn the air compressor on. And before you weld the air compressor you must drain  it properly and release all the air and must turn off the air compressor properly then you are all good to do.

Faulty Check Valve

The Check valves prevent air from flowing backward in your air compressor. If the valve gets damaged, it will prevent your air compressor from filling correctly. As a result, you may hear a leak coming from your air compressor. This can happen if the valve is not working properly. Your air compressor is only useful when it is filled completely. There will be no sound coming from the air compressor if the air is leaking. If you have a compressor, you should make sure that the check valve is working. if the air compressor develops a leak, you should check out the check valve.

if the air compressor develops a leak


It is not ideal to repair the check valve. If your air compressor check valve is damaged or faulty, you must buy a new one.

Damaged Pressure Switch

A damaged pressure switch can be the reason for your air compressor leaks. If your air tank is not leaky and the check valve is also ok, then your pressure switch can be the reason for leaks. The pressure switch develops pinholes in the tank over time.

if the air compressor develops a leak


You need to buy a new pressure switch for you air compressor. A lot of people want to bypass the pressure switch. Don’t do it!

Leaking Air Hoses

Leaking Air Hoses are the reason for air compressor leaks. If you are using the air compressor for a long time, it may cause problems with the hoses. These hoses tend to wear out faster. They need to be replaced after some time. if the air compressor develops a leak, you need to check the air hoses properly.


Find out the leak in the hose and cut out the point with the leaks. You can buy hose repair kits online if you need one.

Leaking Unloader Valve

if the air compressor develops a leak, you need to check the unloader valve. The unloader valve can be the reason for your air compressor to develop leaks. The unloader valve is attached to the pressure switch and you can find it very easily to fix the issue.


Firstly remove the valve and check it out properly. Then you can clean it to use if it doesn’t work by cleaning then you must replace the unloader valve.

Some Tips

Regularly inspecting your air compressors can help you detect any leaks in your equipment before they cause damage. If you want to keep your air compressors working smoothly and safely, you should regularly inspect them. An inspection done once a week is enough for your air compressor. If your air compressor is damaged, it could leak air or water. It could also be unsafe and pose a threat to those around you.

It would be best to replace your compressor when this happens rather than having to fix it on your own. Basic maintenance will help you to prevent further damage to your air compressor. This will help you to avoid paying expensive repair fees. There are several ways that you can conduct maintenance on your air compressor. You can clean your air compressor by performing a basic cleaning.

Fix the leaks of the air compressor

Final words

You already know what are the reasons for air compressor leaks and what to do if the air compressor develops a leak. You need to inspect the air compressor properly to find if there are any leaks in the compressor. Nowadays a lot of people just buy one but they don’t properly maintain it. It is important to maintain the air compressor.

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