how to bypass capacitor on air compressor -4 Important Facts

Types of air compressor capacitor

There are two types of air compressor capacitors.

  1. Start capacitor
  2. run capacitor
how to bypass capacitor on air compressor

Air compressor Start capacitor

If you own a compressor, you might have heard of start capacitors. A start capacitor is one of the components of an air compressor system. When a compressor motor starts, it takes some time for it to run properly. The compressor motor has to build up a certain amount of electric current to operate effectively. when the motor of the air compressor starts, a large number of current flows, which can cause the air compressor to have trouble starting or blow the fuse. A start capacitor helps here to start the motor and run the air compressor properly.

Air compressor Run capacitor

And the run capacitor of the air compressor controls the current and voltage in the air compressor so that it flows at the right level. As a result, the air compressor runs continuously and smoothly without facing any problems. And so “ Run capacitor” is very important for air compressor.

Why capacitor is important to an air compressor?

you already know how and what the two types of capacitors in air compressors work for. Without these two capacitors, the current will not flow in the air compressor in the right amount or more current will flow due to which the air compressor will cause various problems.

How to bypass capacitor on air compressor?

If you want to bypass the capacitor of the air compressor, you need to remove the capacitor and connect the two wires that go inside the capacitor. And it is done.

Do you know what will happen next? After that if you’re very lucky you’ll just be lost the fuse, if not you’ll immediately hear a hissing noise and the air compressor motor will start smoking and your old air compressor will be put to sleep forever. So never bypass the air compressor capacitor and never bypass the pressure switch.

Final words- how to bypass capacitor on air compressor?

Capacitors are essential for air compressors. So don’t ever think to bypass the air compressor capacitor or you will lose the air compressor forever.

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