How to fill paintball tank with air compressor-9 Easy steps

What is a Paintball Tank and Why Should You Fill it With Air?

A paintball tank is like a big air balloon that is filled with air. A paintball tank should be filled with compressed air or CO2, but it can also be filled with nitrogen if you prefer. When you are filling your tank, make sure that you use a compressor and an air pump to pump it up in the right way.

Can you use a regular tire compressor?

The answer is big “NO”. Your regular tire compressor max at about 180 PSI. Which is not enough because paintball tank needs minimum 3000 PSI to get filled. You need heavy duty and specialized option for your paintball tank. So before knowing how to fill paintball tank with air compressor, you have to choose the right air compressor.

Regular tire compressor

Find out your Tank PSI

Your tank must have an indicator of how much PSI it should contain. The maximum PSI is typically about 4500-5000 . So, you should never go beyond the tank’s capacity. And if you are filling CO2, be sure to refrigerate it. Because this action will help you to fill the tank properly without facing any problems.

Checkout the attachments

Take a proper look to the attachments that will be connected to your air tank. There should be a dark (O) ring there that is designed to prevent air from escaping once you attach it to the tank. If you can’t find the (O)ring, then the tank would not be filled because air will just escape out through that tiny surface. If you see there is no (O) ring ,call someone to help.

Simply pull back on the collar of the attachment ,If the (O)ring is there. And the central needle would be fully exposed. Plug it into your tank through the filling nipple. Make sure it’s secured by jiggling the hose. The attachment should be firm.


Fill the tank slowly

When you’re sure of the attachment, gradually release air into the tank. You can do this using the lever on the compressor. Make sure to pay attention when using a compressor because some compressors come with buttons.

Do not press the lever or button all throughout. You want the filling to take time but not too long. As the refill happens, the gauge needle should move upwards. Again, paintball air tanks only have 3000-4500 PSI. So, you should know the category of your tank.

Watch both the pressure gauge

There are two gauges .The one attached to the gun and the another to the air compressor. You should closely watch both gauges as you refill the tank, thus helping you to countercheck the gauge’s function. Typically, both gauges should move in a similar style. Which means that both are working properly.

Always Avoid the “HOT FILL”

One of the biggest mistakes is filling the tank too quickly. It is generally called “HOT FILL” It happens when you push button or the lever over and over. The air blasts off the compressor and into the tank. If you don’t want this to happen, just don’t fill too quickly cause it can damage the tank.

You will face lots of troubles by filling a hot fill. If you don’t want to face the troubles avoid the “HOT FILL”.

Release the pressure

This is the most important thing that many peoples forget about. Though you are done with air refill, the air compressor would still have some air inside . This extra air can be released through the release valve which is attached to the compressor . Pushing the valve , all the extra air will escape .This will make a hissing sound. So don’t be worry about it.

If you fail to release  the extra pressure, you might put your tank in trouble. This can damage the tank, especially the fill nipple.

 Detach the Air Hose

After releasing the pressure, you can now detach the air hose from the fill nipple. You can remove the air hose by a simple pull.

How to fill paintball tank with air compressor

Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Paintball Air Tank

There are a lot of safety tips to consider when using a paintball air tank. Even though the tanks are designed for use by professionals, there are still some things that you should be mindful of before putting it to use.

-Know your equipment: If you do not know how to operate your paintball air tank, you should not be using it.

-Be safe with your gear: Always make sure that your paintball air tank is properly secured and in good condition before using it.

-Know the risks involved: The risks involved with paintball air tanks can be life threatening if you do not follow proper safety precautions when using them.

Let’s watch a video


In this section, we will cover some of the most common and even uncommon questions about paintball tank and air compressors.

Air Compressors vs Blenders which one is the Best Way of Filling Your Paintball Tanks

If you are looking to buy a paintball tank, you might be wondering which is better – air compressors or blenders. This article will help you make the right decision.

Air compressors vs. Blenders in Paintball Tanks

Air compressors are typically used by professional paintball players and they offer a wide range of benefits over blenders. They can provide consistent pressure throughout the tank and they are much more powerful than blenders. However, they also cost more than blenders and require more maintenance as well. Blenders on the other hand, offer less power but have a lower price tag and require less maintenance.

  • Air compressors require a pump which is an additional cost and takes up space in your bag or on your belt
  • Blenders have no moving parts which means they will last longer
  • Air compressor tanks can be filled in less than 2 minutes while blender tanks take about 8 minutes

How Do I Get the Most From My Paintball Tanks?

If you are a paintball enthusiast, you need to know how to properly store your paintballs.

When you buy your first paintball tank, it is important that you take the time to learn how to properly store and maintain it. This will ensure that your tank lasts for years and that every game is an enjoyable one.

Paintball tanks should be stored somewhere where they will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. It is also important that the paintball tanks are not stored in a place with high levels of human traffic or with chemicals like bleach or ammonia.

Paintball tanks are also very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. When a paintball tank is stored in a place with high levels of human traffic or with chemicals like bleach or ammonia, it can cause chemical reactions that shorten the life expectancy of the product.

Paintball air tanks

Should you use compressed air or nitrogen gas?

Paintball tanks can be filled with either compressed air or nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas has higher pressure than compressed air, but it also has more energy for a given volume of gas, so it’s more expensive. When comparing the two gases, you should consider how much paintballs you will be using per hour as well as your budget for the day.


Refilling your paintball gun air tank is a simple matter. When you get used to it, you will find that it becomes much easier. We have carefully explained the simple steps about how to fill a paintball tank properly and safely. If you want the right methods to fill your paintball tank with air compressor, this article is the right guide for you.

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