Do air compressors need water? – 4 important facts

Do air compressors need water? To know this one you have to know few things about the air compressors. There are three types of air compressor.

  • Piston air compressor
  • Centrifugal air compressor
  • Rotary screw air compressor

The rotary screw air compressor can be water cooled air compressor or can be air cooled. If you have normal air compressor ,then you do not need to worry about “Do air compressors need water?” And you don’t need water for your air compressor. In normal air compressor water is produced as by product. So you don’t need to worry about water which is only needed for water cooled air compressor.

And this mechanism is found in rotary screw air compressor which people use for industries and business purpose only. If you still have any confusion you can check your air compressor if it has any kinds of pipe then it can be water cooled if not, you do not have to worry about do air compressors need water? You need to worry about water so that you don’t face air compressor blown fuse issues.

Air-Cooled Air Compressor 

Do air compressors need water?

Air-cooled compressors use the power of air to reduce the temperature of air that is being compressed into the cylinder. When air is compressed, the temperature rises. Therefore, compressors are designed with an air-cooled circuit, which reduces the hot air with a fan. Air-cooled compressors are mostly used to make air for fire extinguishers, welding machines, and other devices that require cooled compressed air. You can have an air-cooled compressor if you need it for your shop or if you have industries .

But one thing to follow that is You will have to make sure that the compressor is working correctly before you put it in operation. Also, you will have to monitor it carefully like you need to check the air compressor belt, you need to drain the air compressor properly and using proper oil for air compressor.

Water-Cooled Air Compressor

Do air compressors need water?

Compressors that use water to reduce the heat are referred to as water-cooled air compressors. The cooling liquid used to cool the air compressor has a temperature that is much lower than the compressed air. This makes it possible to use an external unit to transfer the heat that is generated during the compression process. The compressed air is cooled using the liquid from the external cooling unit. It is the liquid that keeps the compressor temperature low enough to avoid overheating.

As a result, the compressed air that comes out of the air compressor will be much colder than the compressed air coming out of conventional compressors. If you are Using a water-cooled air compressor, only then you need to worry about the question do air compressors need water ?

Why air compressor need water?

Air compressors are used for making compressed air. Compressed air is a gas that gets heated while it is compressed. This means that the air gets hotter when it is compressed. When the compressed air gets hot, it is needed to cool the air to use it properly. The best way to cool air is with water. If you want to get the most out of your compressor, you need to use water to cool the air compressor. This will make sure that the air will not heat up. And if you are using tankless air compressor, you don’t have to worry about “Do air compressors need water?”

Tips for Water-Cooled Air Compressor

A water-cooled rotary screw air compressor needs filtered water to function properly. If you get water from a lake, ocean, well or river, you’d need a cooling tower and closed-loop system to filter the water before use. If you use low-quality water, the cooling system will be damaged. Water-cooled compressors work best if you get water that has been filtered. Always use the air compressor properly.

Conclusion- Do air compressors need water?

You already know which types of air compressor need water. Normally all the air compressor we use do not require water and the air compressor produce water itself as by product. Water is used in rotary air compressor which can be water cooled. And so if you have a normal air compressor then you don’t need to anymore about  “ Do air compressors need water? “

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