can you use a regular air compressor for diving – 4 Important Things To Know

“can you use a regular air compressor for diving? “ is a common question. But the thing is you can’t use a regular air compressor to dive. Regular air compressors don’t have the capacity to produce pure oxygen and they are also not fast enough to deliver compressed air to divers. There are some specific factors that make air compressors suitable for diving.

So, you may think you can take a regular air compressor for diving. But you can’t. The regular air compressor will only produce compressed air and it won’t make pure oxygen available to you. This is the reason regular air compressor is not suitable for diving air compressors. They are not good for diving. It’s also not good to take a regular air compressor to a dive site. Because of the nature of their design, the compressed air that is produced will not be pure.

The pressure that the regular air compressor generates should be at least 6 bar (100psi). And if you use this air compressor to produce the gas, it will take hours to fill. Can you live without breathing under the water for hours? If the answer is “ YES “ the answer to the question “ can you use a regular air compressor for diving “ is also“ YES “ and if it is “NO” then the answer to the question “ can you use a regular air compressor for diving “ is “ NO”

can you use a regular air compressor for diving

What is Diving Air Compressor?

Diving Air Compressors are used to fill tanks with breathing gas for the purpose of underwater diving. This is the case with the diving air compressor that is commonly used in scuba equipment. If you are going to buy a diving air compressor, make sure that it is suitable for your needs. Diving compressors are used in cases when you need a source of breathable gas underwater.

Most of the time, divers use two types of tanks to perform their activities. The primary tank contains air and serves as the main source of oxygen. The second one is referred to as a bailout tank. Its role is to supply additional oxygen in cases when the diver runs out of air. This makes sure that the diver doesn’t suffocate. The diving air compressors are very powerful. Diving air compressors run at 200 bar.

can you use a regular air compressor for diving

Difference between Diving and Regular Air Compressor

The regular air compressor is used for producing compressed air for making air pressure needed for welding, filling paintball tank, painting, laser cutting, sandblasting, filling tire, etc. A diver air compressor produces pure gas which is needed for a few applications such as special air breathing equipment. A diver air compressor is very powerful and can produce around 3000 psi and above pressure while a normal air compressor can produce 120 psi.

But the regular air compressor can’t produce pure compressed air. There is always a little oxygen mixed with the compressed air produced. You can not breathe air from regular air compressor. Breathing impure oxygen for an extended period can be dangerous. You need to be conscious of the air that you are breathing. It can cause many other health problems and also you can’t breath properly. But with a diving air compressor, you can breathe pure oxygen safely for a longer period.

Important Facts For Diving Air Compressors

Quality of the Air

We all know that we need pure air to survive. In order to breathe properly, we must get pure air into our lungs. It is very important for us to breath quality full air. If we have too little or impure oxygen in our lungs, it will be harder for us. We can prevent these issues from happening by choosing high-quality diving air compressors for diving. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can also invest in high-quality compressors by buying them from reputable dealers. You should find the best deal when you go for the best air compressor.

The pressure of the compressor

Buying the right air compressor for diving is an important decision for a diver. You may spend lots of money to buy equipment that may be useless. Therefore, you should carefully select the diving equipment that you need. Buying the right type of compressor is one of the key decisions that you need to make. You need to choose carefully the compressor depending on the PSI. The high PSI compressor can produce 3000 to 4500 PSI. You can choose between different types of compressors depending on what type of diver you are.

Tips for diving air compressor

Final words

The diving air compressor and regular air compressor are not the same. You already know the mechanism of regular and diving air compressors. people want to use regular air compressor for diving, tire inflator as an air compressor. People are awesome! But some time things are not ideal. From now on “ can you use a regular air compressor for diving “ is not a big question for you. Hope this article will help you a lot.

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