Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor?- 4 important things you should know

Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor? Air compressors use a variety of oils to help with the tasks of compressing and unlocking the air pressure. Some people use lower quality oils for their air compressor which can cause many problems. It is important to choose the right oil for air compressor. There are few things to know before you use motor oil in your air compressor.

Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor?

What is motor oil?

A lubricant is a substance that reduces friction. Most of us use it in our cars , washing machines, air compressor and in many other tools to reduce the friction between moving parts. A lubricant makes the parts last longer by preventing wear and tear.

What is motor oil? Motor oil is used to lubricate the parts of the motor which is mainly detergent-based oil. The chemicals which are used in motor or engine oil are dispersant, oxidation inhibitor, Viscosity Index Improver( polymer to modify viscosity), Pour point depressants ,Foam break( help release air entrained in oil) ,Rust/corrosion inhibitor. The motor oil additives is generally between 20-25.

The motor oil makes sure that all the moving parts in the engine are moving smoothly. The oil protects these parts by reducing the friction between them. It prevents the engine parts from wearing out, which is why it is called a lubricant.

What is air compressor oil?

Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor?

Air compressor oil is a type of oil, the only difference is that it is used in air compressor, it works like any other engine oil and is used to prevent wear to the moving parts of the air compressor. In air compressor oil there is no detergent and less carbon . And there are two type of oil for air compressor.

  • Synthetic oil
  • Mineral or natural oil

Synthetic oil is expensive than mineral oil and more powerful than mineral oil. And it is the best to use synthetic oil for your air compressor . And if you are new with the air compressors and have no idea about what oil to use in you air compressor , you can use 20W ISO 68 or 30W ISO 100 oil. Though a lot of people use 5w30 oil in winter but you can use any of it.

Is it safe to use motor oil in air compressor?

If you’ve ever worked with an air compressor, you might have heard that it makes some sort of noise. This noise is caused by the way the air works inside the compressor. When you compress the air, it gets hotter and then moves to the next level of pressure. The air keeps moving until it reaches the maximum pressure, which is called the burst pressure. After the air has reached the burst pressure, it can expand rapidly. The rapid expansion can cause damage to the compressor and the equipment connected to it. To avoid such damages, you need to make sure that the air compressor is using the right type of lubricant.

The motor oil used in the compressor should have specific characteristics. In this case, you should avoid using ordinary motor oil in an air compressor. If you have doubts about whether your motor oil will work well in your air compressor, just go to an air compressor expert and ask him. And you won’t have the question Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor? again.

What will happen if you use motor oil?

The additives found in motor oil will make the oil foam when they are heated. The oil with foam won’t do a very good job as lubrication. This can increase the chances of your air compressor breaking down. Due to presence of the detergent in the motor oil, if you use this oil, you will not get the proper performance of your air compressor and the air compressor may overheat. You need to use the right oil for proper performance. If you need to work for all the day but you don’t have proper food to gain energy will you be able to work? Of course not.

So, the answer of the question “Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor?” is NO. Right oil is the energy of the air compressor to work properly. And also, if you do not use suitable oil for the air compressor, you will not be able to make a warranty claim if the compressor is damaged. So always use the air compressor oil and check the oil level of the air compressor.

Choose the right air compressor oil

Final thoughts- Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor?

In conclusion, It is important to read the label on the air compressor before using any oil. Without knowing properly if you use motor oil for your air compressor ,it means you are killing it slowly. so ,it is important to make sure you are using the right type of oil for your specific application. We hope from now “ Can I use regular motor oil in my air compressor? “ is not a big thing for you .

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