Can I Put A Bigger Motor On My Air Compressor? -5 Important Things

Before we go for the question ” can i put a bigger motor on my air compressor “ there are few things you should know if you can put bigger motor or not.

can i put a bigger motor on my air compressor

Important things To Put Bigger Motor On Air Compressor

Depends on the model

If you want to put a big motor on your air compressor, then you must know the model of your air compressor. Then, if you put a big motor, that motor will work appropriately in that air compressor or if there will be any other problem with the air compressor. For this, you can check the air compressor manual and, if necessary, talk to the manufacturer to see what they tell you about this.

Depends on the tank size

If the tank size of your air compressor is small, then installing a bigger motor in your air compressor will not give you the desired results. Buying a bigger motor will be only a waste of money. And if your air compressor tank is more prominent, you can install a bigger motor to get better performance.

If the motor is compatible

When you install a bigger motor to the air compressor, make sure that the motor is compatible with your air compressor and fits properly. It turns out that if you buy a bigger motor, but your air compressor is undersized, it will vibrate a lot and cause a lot of damage to your air compressor and you may need to use mounting pads for air compressor to reduce vibration.

Choose Motor Properly

If you buy a 3 hp motor and run it on a 5 CFM rated air compressor, you will not get very good results. Similarly, if it is a low CFM-rated air compressor and the motor is highly powerful, then the same problem may occur. So, you must choose the air compressor motor properly.

One more thing

Before you put a bigger motor on the air compressor must maintain the pulley and air compressor RPM ratio. It is very important for you when you are putting a bigger motor into the air compressor. And you need to know properly about the air compressor motor.

Is It A Good Idea To Put A Bigger Motor On Air Compressor?

We use air compressors in different works in different ways in our daily life. We sometimes have to face various issues with the air compressor. Like Proper use of oil in the air compressor, checking the valve of the air compressor if it is okay, and Checking if there are any leaks in the air compressor, and draining the air compressor properly.

We change various things of air compressor as needed. Many of us change the motor of the air compressor when the efficiency of the motor of the air compressor decreases or if it does not work well. Now the question is, can I put a bigger motor on my air compressor? The answer is yes.

Choose The Right Motor For Air Compressor

Final words- can I put a bigger motor on my air compressor?

We have already discussed whether or not you can use a bigger motor for your air compressor. If you are using a big motor then there are some things that need to be taken care of. Of course you need to prioritize the things. Because you don’t want you air compressor to break down too soon nor you want to face complications with the air compressor. At the end of the day, whatever you do, do it wisely. And we hope from now on you won’t have any problems about “can i put a bigger motor on my air compressor”

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